Landscape painting is my meditation.

The first painting expedition, apart from sporadic local paintings, was to Devon in 2003, the next year it was to Austria and apart from trips to Slovakia and the South of France, the summer has been spent working in South Bohemia which offers me a 'tabula rasa' on which to project my dreams.

Each year I use a different medium and focus on a different approach, maybe the paraphernalia of modern living and its conjunction with the old, or the palimpsest of reading an old building, or the landscape as an echo of Arcadia.

But there are also notebooks filled with paintings, drawings and sketches just for the fun of it all.

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Kestrany, Cejetice.

Watercolour with ink: Endless fascination with the detritus of our modern lives. I have done many paintings where the power lines and cables dominate

Liptovska Teplica.

Slovakia, a particularly thriving village with a strong folk tradition and identity, just enough winter sports to add income yet not change the village.


A quintessential Yorkshire village scene complete with Indian takeaway.

St Cezaire.

Lots more Cables


High in the mountains with difficult access, so half derelict. I like the way I kept the cars as ghosts (this ia the correct spelling of the village but somehow the incorrect one suites the picture!


Huge pilgrimage church, older than it looks due to the usual 19th century makeover of its exterior


A cold day, so I sheltered at the edge of the field


I paint many watercolours and acrylics around this village. Swelling lines and a particular richness to the golds and greens. You may often find the distant mass of the mountain called Boubin, not really my Mt St Victoire!


This is redolent of the mindset under communism, Outside is semi-derelict to block envy; inside is sumptuous luxury


Whether they are small or large all are called fishponds


A play with falling prospective

Trees Strunkovice.

This was behind me in some of the paintings I did towards the mountain called BoubĂ­n.


Actually a rather dull farmhouse that I wanted to give life to.


John of Nepomuk looks at the crucifixion. Ihe has witnessed many things and this idea led on to the Vodnany Series of canvases

Svobodny Hory.

This means Free hill (as in unmarried!) a hilly area of difficult conditions where peasant could acquire freedom from the Lord of the Manor.

Strunkovice, Cichinice & Protivec.

A group of drawings all in Ink. Sometimes studies for larger things that may or may not happen, othertimes done just because I can.

Ideal landscapes.

Because of what I wanted to achieve, and found difficult to grasp, subconsciously certain Poussin landscapes crept in.


Pen and brush drawings much concerned with weather, and part of the same thing I was striving for in the ideal landscapes but find impossible to formulate in words.