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HUDDERSFIELD CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FESTIVAL Nearly 40 years old. The perfect reason for living in Huddersfield. Every year has some revelations

SCHOENBERG The Arnold Schoenberg Centre Website.Put aside 3 or 4 days to wander around this!

LUIGI NONO One of the people behind this site and the previous wonderful site is Nuria, the daughter of Schoenberg, and Nono's widow

IAN WILSON Irish composer

The Other Arts

ROBERT MUSIL Comprehensive and frequently updated site maintained by Gerry van Beers. I have rather a hidden link on my Home page to my own Robert Musil page, bet you didn't find it! So this will also take you to it.

THOMAS BERNHARD Bernhard, Hrabal and Musil are my favourite writers. Tried recently to read a couple of Booker winners and before a third of the book I felt dirty with the slick and formulaic writing, so retreated to the uncompromised Bernhard. A very thorough website as befits this writer, anything less and you should be certain his shade will arise and cut you off in your prime.

BOHUMIL HRABAL A short article in English about Bohumil Hrabal is to be found in Wikipedia with a couple of useful links. Hrabal has been well translated into English.
JACQUES RIVETTE 'Order of the Exile' is the name of this tribute site, I am a late comer to Rivette and have found this useful. The site has a purposeful lack of visual stimuli, that is for the films to do! gives a thorough grounding in the surrounding territories.


CZECH BEER The best site on the web. Very comprehensive. Written by Ron Pattinson who like me has bleak thoughts about the future for Czech beer.

CZECH TIMETABLE Superbly organised timetable for ALL transport in the Czech Republic.

HATS Tonak hats from CZ. I was let loose in Tonak's warehouse one summer, friendly people and great fun for a hat addict