I started out to make a TATRA miscellany but cannot resist casting the net a little bit wider.

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1. Na ceste mezi Koprivnice a vidni v kvetnu roku 1898 (hrabe Leibieg prvni zprava

2. Prasident na vsi. kolem 1900

3. Jizda autem (hrabe Leibieg s choti na ceste z Jestedu

4. Dabel Smrti vetsi rychlost obetuje (Josef Vachal 1884-1969)

5. Plaster model of 603 as proposed by Zdenek Kovar

6. 613 on big wheels

7. Cover for CD

tatra tatra

8. 9. Skoda stretched Limo. It is the attention to detail that I like, note the exquisite placed pizza on the floor.

10. A 75th anniversary book of the Praga company. The photographs all show the same wilfull lack of care, hillarious and depressing at the same time.

11. This is from a sumptuous book with a preface by Husak called 'Czechoslovakia in the Eighties' Starring role for the chicken on the floor of the 'modern hygienic food processing plant'

12. This Ford was bodied as a mobile office by Sodomka in the 1930's for Jan Bata, not as well known as the lift in Building 21 in Zlin but equally innovative.

tatra tatra

tatra tatra tatra tatra

13. Sample from the book "Prague through the lens of the secret police". Milos Forman being surveyed, 1/11/1982